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What is Predatory Health?

Predatory Health describes the part of the healthcare and wellness sectors that prey on the ignorance and desperation of people suffering from disease and chronic conditions. Predatory Health targets these individuals to sell them unproven, useless treatments, drugs and products that promise what they cannot deliver. They sell false hope, often to terminally ill patients. We call these individuals Predatory Health Practitioners, you know them as quacks, frauds, charlatans, con artist’s and snake oil salesmen.

The Problem

Very little regulation exists in the world in which these fraudsters operate and they are masters at marketing and manipulating science and social media to lend credibility to their fake claims. Predatory Health practitioners represent every sector of healthcare and alternate health and their numbers are growing, fuelled by groups like the anti-vaxers and the natural and supplementary industry.

It is often difficult for a layperson to establish the validity of claims made by these individuals and when your judgement is clouded by pain and desperation, you are easily taken advantage of, especially when the products they offer you are touted as miracle cures. Deaths result. People avoid proper medical advice until their diseases have progressed beyond the reach of medicine, children with autism are poisoned by desperate parents willing to try anything to help their child and themselves and millions of dollars change hands daily. That is the nature of Predatory Health.

The Solution

Awareness and reliable information. The biggest enemy of these practitioners is the truth. That, and having their names and products publicly discredited. MOBILIZE™ and Medika do exactly that with this project.

The Quack Scale

Medika has created the Quack Scale. We use the scale for ranking dangerous practitioners who pose a very real threat to your health.5 Ducks on the scale indicates a very real and present danger to the public. You can view the Predatory Health Practitioners we list by clicking here.

Rotten Retailers

We use the Rotten Retailers list to warn the public about dangerous retailers and products and treatments that you should avoid if you are concerned for your health. Very often the companies, practitioners, and products operate as a cohesive marketing force to spread their poison into the market. This link will take you to the Rotten Retailers listed on Medika.

Additional Resources

Medika publishes various articles on the Predatory Health Industry and you can read through these to better enable yourself to sift fact from fiction when you are evaluating a potential new treatment or drug. You are also very welcome to reach out to Medika with your questions.

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