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Creating a Digital Legacy

It is almost impossible not to become hardened to the numbers we see day after day on our television screens, Constant bombardment by the media desensitizes us, another few thousand dead today from Covid and now for the sports news. This isn’t acceptable, in any world, under any circumstances.

Each life we have lost has been someone’s grandparent, a father, a mother, a brother, sister, or close friend. Empty chairs at dinner tables missed conversations and loving moments, snatched away by an invisible enemy that has changed our way of life. What covid cannot take from us though, is our compassion and our humanity, our need to ensure that faces and lives we have lost do not merely become numbers.

This was Medika’s driving motivation for creating the Global Memorial. You can find out how the Global memorial works by browsing the material below and by visiting it’s page on Medika Life

Medika Life created the Global Memorial Project for one simple reason. We wanted to build a lasting digital record of the people that have lost their lives to Covid-19, to offer you a place to memorialize loved ones you’ve lost.

The Global Memorial does exactly this. It is a free tool that will allow you to memorialize the faces and details of those whose lives were cut short by Covid. The process is simple and creating a plaque for someone you’ve lost will take you a few minutes. The site is maintained as a not-for-profit project with the help of like-minded businesses and individuals. We do not charge you for anything, ever. The site is free, it’s been created for you, and will remain so.

All you need is access to the internet and a photo of your loved one. Add their data, and in less than two minutes you’ll create a memorial plaque similar to the one you see on the left.
We’ll keep the wall active in perpetuity as a constant reminder of an event that has changed our world.

Can people interact with a memorial plaque?

Yes. Each plaque features a Visitors Book, where members of the public can leave messages of condolence. As the owner of the plaque you can approve messages or choose not to show them. You can also disable the Visitors book if you don’t want to receive any messages of condolence for the plaque.

Why two colors?

You’ll notice this plaque on the right differs slightly from the one shown above. This plaque (green) is for members of the public, whilst the one above (blue) is specifically for health care workers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us, their patients.

We wanted to honor them and I am certain those of you who have lost family and friends to Covid are all to well aware of the often dire conditions in hospitals across the globe. Lack of supplies, lack of PPE and lack of any effective treatment for Covid placed an almost unbearable strain on these individuals, and yet, through it all, they continued to risk their lives for you and I, and still do so every day.

The blue plaques are our small way of acknowledging these professionals who chose willingly to put their lives on the line for us.

When can I add my Plaque

Soon. The Global Memorial Project will go live on the 1st of February, 2021, a few days from now. We’d love you to make use of the site to honor those you’ve lost and to leave messages for friends and family that have suffered a loss at the hands of Covid.

The Global Memorial was created for you and if we can improve it in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can track the launch both here and on Medika Life,

Realizing the Global Memorial

We are immensely indebted to our partners for selflessly contributing their time and skills to help make the Global Memorial a reality. In particular, the site wouldn’t exist without the tireless efforts of Compumatrice and its developers. Creating projects that don’t generate income and that are driven purely by social good is difficult at the best of times and we’ve been blessed to find like-minded partners.

You can see who partners with us on the Global Memorial by visiting our Partners page on Medika Life. If you feel you have resources, time and skill sets that can contribute to the continuation and growth of the Global Memorial, please do reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.

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